Wild Video of Avalanche in France


Wild Video of Avalanche in France

Viral Footage of Avalanche in Tignes, France

Video from Monday’s triggered avalanche at the Tignes ski area in France has gone viral and with good reason. Happy to report no one was injured, as this was a planned slide as part of routine avalanche maintenance. Tignes is currently closed, with no lifts spinning due to Covid-19, but no rest for the bomb patrol. The avalanche was so strong, you can see it triggering additional slides across the valley.

Wow, just wow! So rare to see a slide of that magnitude so clearly at a resort.

Record snowfall in the northern Alps has led to extreme avalanche danger across the region. Warning levels are consistently at a 4 out of 5, and authorities recommend anyone venturing into the backcountry on their own to avoid any slope over 30 degrees.

No matter where you ski and ride, it’s always important to check the conditions before you go. And if you’re going off-piste, have your beacon, probe, shovel and know how to use them. The best snow reporters are safe snow reporters. Be careful my friends!

Meanwhile in Japan…

Heavy snowfall in Akita, Japan brings us a different type of avalanche. Again no-one was injured, and just a friendly reminder that a little prodding can go a long way!

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