Wild Snow Totals In Alaska!


Wild Snow Totals In Alaska!

Atmospheric River Hits Alaska with Wild Snow Totals

Early season snow totals courtesy of Atmospheric rivers, have been impressive across California and the Pacific Northwest. But, they have nothing on what Alaska was hit with this at the end of October. Wild amounts of rain and snow absolutely pummeled The Last Frontier and Land of the Midnight Sun.

Flooded marsh during heavy rain outside Girdwood, Alaska, on Sunday. (Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

Feet. Not Inches. Feet.

The highest snow totals were in some remote areas of the Chugach Mountain range. Forecasted snow totals near Mount Marcus Baker were in the range of 25-30 feet. I repeat – feet – not inches. Don’t worry, I did the quick math for you; that’s over 300 inches of snow!

Do not adjust your television. These forecasted totals are in feet not inches. (3D Map provided by Evan Fisher)

We may never know that the actual storm totals were. Mt. Marcus Baker is very remote and can only be accessed by air this time of year. And as you might imagine, conditions are a little bit tricky at the moment. Reports of 10+ feet were recorded at 5000 feet in the area, well below Bakers towering 13k feet summit. The rain did its own damage as well, particularly in Girdwood. Girdwood is a small ski town 50 miles south of Anchorage near the Alyeska Ski Resort and is a jumping off point for many heli expeditions. They recorded measurable precipitation for 110 straight hours. This included daily records of over 9 inches of rain causing severe damage to roads and infrastructure.

Weathering The Storm

We hope the people of Girdwood, and other areas in Alaska hit with this recent deluge get things cleaned up and back to normal soon. And who will be next to see another massive storm kick of their winter season? Stay tuned right here to The Snow Report for updates and as always you can check in on conditions at your favorite local mountain thanks to our good friends over at Open Snow.

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