TSR Fireside Chat w/Jay Cordeira of OpenSnow

TSR Fireside Chat w/Jay Cordeira of OpenSnow

Halley O’Brien sits down with New England’s #1 forecaster, OpenSnow partner, and college professor, Jay Cordeira in our latest fireside chat. They discuss all things winter and snow, but also answer the debate: Better February Winter predictor, Tom Brady or Punxsutawney Phil?

Later in this episode, Halley asks Jay what it’s like to doing atmospheric river reconnaissance. Is it as much like the movie Twister as we think? Jay also tells us which New England mountains get the most natural snow, and confirms pretzels as the official Après snack of OpenSnow forecasters.

Looking Ahead…

The forecast shows more fireside chats on the horizon with a strong chance of information and entertainment! Stayed tuned to TSR for our future chats in the coming weeks with OpenSnow’s Joel Gratz, Evan Thayer, and more.

Find out how snow is looking at your local ski hill at OpenSnow.com

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