The Much Too Soon 2021-2022 Winter Forecast


The Much Too Soon 2021-2022 Winter Forecast

TSR Takes Its’ First Look At Next Winter’s Weather

It may be August, but believe it or not, days are already getting shorter. Yes, the summer heat is in full swing. But, close your eyes, crank that A/C, and dream of freshly groomed flakes just around the corner.

For those that just can’t wait, you’re in luck. We have our first glimpse at what Mother Nature might have in store for the winter months ahead. This first look at the 2021-2022 Winter Forecast, comes from the folks at “Direct Weather”.

If you’re in the Northeast you are probably wicked excited, and if you’re trying to shred in Tahoe like totally hella bummed, man. But, take this all with a grain of salt and snow. It’s August! Your local Doppler radar probably won’t even nail the regional 7-day forecast, let alone the next 7 months. But it’s fun to dream about what winter could be isn’t it? For the full breakdown from the guys at Direct Weather, check out the full video below:

Forecasting More Winter Forecasts

Keep an eye on the weather and keep an eye on us hear at The Snow Report. As we inch close to opening day, we’ll keep you up to date on all things weather and snow as always. We still have multiple Farmers Almanacs to consult. And our good friends over at OpenSnow will give us the deets for the upcoming season in mountain towns across the country and near you!

It may be a tad early to start those full on snow dances. So, maybe work in just a little snow shimmy at the beach this weekend to get things started. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow all things TSR by joining our Facebook Group, and sharing and tagging along with us @TheSnowReport on Instagram. Hope you are having a great summer Snow Reporters!

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