The Best Photos from the Record-Breaking September Snowstorm


The Best Photos from the Record-Breaking September Snowstorm

Starting on September 27th, 2019 a massive early season snowstorm stretched from Washington State to Wyoming. The most snow fell in Browning, Montana which received over 4 feet of snow.

Accuweather senior meteorologist Dan Pydynowski stated, “You have higher terrain where you will never know how much snow fell because there is no one there to measure it. There will be areas over 4 feet, measured or not.”

Here are a few images of this historic storm.

Montana Department of Transportation
Post image
Backcountry Skiing in Eastern WA
Sid loves to play in the Montana snow
A freak snowstorm didn't stop Sean and Brittany Tuohy's wedding in Spokane, Washington.
A wedding that took place during the storm
Jaime Fletcher/Jaime Denise Photography
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Trees litter the boulevard along 4th Avenue North in Great Falls Sunday following a major fall storm over the weekend.
Scott Thompson
Heavy snow in Great Falls has trees, still carrying leaves, buckling under the weight.
Maria Myers

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