September Snow: When And Where It Will Fall Next


September Snow: When And Where It Will Fall Next

Get Ready for More Snow In September

During the first week of September, the Rockies received their first snow of the season. It looks like another round of light snowfall could be in the forecast next week.

According to The Weather Channel, a southward plunge of the jet stream will bring in a sharp drop in temperatures to the Rockies and Plains early next week.

This also might “wring out” some moisture into the colder air, allowing snowfall or a chilly rain to develop in some areas.

September Snowfall Is Not Uncommon

Even though snowfall in September is rather common, we’re still giddy with excitement to see it pile up on webcams and take over our Instagram feed.

The Weather Channel scoured National Weather Service 30-year average snowfall data to find first-order observing stations which average at least 0.1 inch of snow in September, including parts of New England, the Great Lakes, Plains and West.

Other locations have picked up snow this month, but just not frequently enough to register a 30-year average of greater than a trace.

Is 0.1 inches of snow a powder day? Of course not. It’s simply ambiance snow, and we’ll take every last bit of it.

Fun Fact: Not every September snowfall is a mere dusting. Just last year, Great Falls, Montana received approximately 19” of snow in September.

Check out the full article from The Weather Channel for a visual breakdown of each location and the total average snowfall.

The Takeaway

September snow isn’t new, and most times isn’t even that deep. But, it’s a gentle reminder that winter is on the way and we’ll be skiing and riding at our favorite resorts soon enough.

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