Mammoth Amounts of Snow Bury the Sierras


Mammoth Amounts of Snow Bury the Sierras

The Sierras buried under feet of snow after recent storms

Anywhere else, these would be 100-year storms. These are the types of blizzards that people talk about for a generation. But, not in California. When it snows in the Sierra Nevada mountains, SnOMG does it snow!

The past few days have been unreal, with reports coming in feet, not inches, with more on the way. As the good people from Lake Tahoe to Mammoth start to dig their way out, let’s take a look at what they’ll find when they do!

Mammoth Mountain – 107 in. in past 3 Days and still snowing.

Kirkwood Mountain Ski Patrol with their hands and shovels full. (76 in. storm total)

Donner Ski Ranch is going to need a bigger shovel. (currently closed due to snow)

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows – 78 Inches Covering the signs of winter.

Conditions at Heavenly certainly are…well, you get it. (51 inches of fresh in 3 days)

Too Much of a good thing?

You did your snow dances. You prayed to Ullr. And Mother Nature delivered. Maybe delivered too well? Your average weekend warrior is probably not used to skiing in 5 feet of fresh. So be careful out there! Avalanche danger is severe, tree wells are hidden, conditions are serious. But grab a buddy and get out there and enjoy! If you’re not in the Sierras, enjoy this clip of those that are, and are probably in a little over their heads. Literally.

Are you buried in Tahoe, or snowed in at Mammoth? Show us just how snowy the Sierras are where you are! Share those pics and remember to tag us on Instagram @TheSnowReport or share with us in our Facebook group.

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