Light Winter For Many says The Old Farmer’s Almanac


Light Winter For Many says The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Lets Rubberneck This Long-Range Winter Forecast Together

While Covid-19 has cancelled nearly everything we know and love for the foreseeable future… We still have long-range winter forecasts to emote over thanks to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

That’s right, kiddo. The Old Farmer’s Almanac just released its 2020-2021 winter prediction and maps, complete with kitschy, somewhat suggestive forecasts based on region.

OFA says “Light Winter For Many, Colder In The West”

For the United States, the Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts that recent warming trends will dominate in the eastern and northern parts of the country in the coming winter. The western part of the nation, however, will see below-normal average temperatures.

At first glance, the various blues would have you think winter will be gangbusters from coast-to-coast. But, overall, it seems hit-or-miss depending on where you live.

And wow, some of these forecast titles are straight out of a bad porno… We’re looking at you, Oregon and Washington.

Titles. I said titles.

While the Old Farmer’s Almanac is calling for “light winter” in most locations, we’re hoping they’re right about “Snow Time” in the northeast with a side of “Snow Pelting, NO Melting” everywhere else.

According to the OFA, “most of Canada will have a cold and snowy winter. However, rising temperature trends mean that the winter will not bring extreme cold; instead, it will be closer to normal.”

How did last winter stack up in your neck of the woods? Read up on Old Farmer’s Almanac 2019-2020 forecast and send us an email with your recap.

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