If You Hike, Climb or Bike, You Need OpenSummit


If You Hike, Climb or Bike, You Need OpenSummit

Hourly Forecasts For Over 1,000 Mountain Locations

There’s nothing worse than embarking on a hike only to get halfway through and start to see those dark, ominous clouds rolling in. You can avoid this “uh oh” moment and plan your expeditions like a pro with OpenSummit.

That’s right, our buddies at OpenSnow don’t hibernate in the off-season. Just like you, they hike, run, bike, and climb, which is why they developed a service called OpenSummit.

Targeted & Relevant To Your Outdoor Adventure

OpenSummit provides hourly weather forecasts for over 1,000 of the highest and most notable mountain locations across the United States with the same trusted expertise as OpenSnow.

Check out these screen grabs from a sample forecast for Longs Peak in Colorado.

Head over to OpenSummit and start planning your next outdoor adventure like a pro.