December Snow SLAMS California! – The Snow Report Weather Update

December Snow SLAMS California! – The Snow Report Weather Update

December Snow Slams California With Feet of Snow

December snow has pow’nded California over the past few days. That’s right Snow Reporters, this was the big one. The one people in California have been waiting for. Forecasted totals in feet of snow. Not inches. FEET! Lucky for you, Halley is here to dive deep into the details of that atmospheric river for us.

Whoa Tahoe!

The Sierra had gone days and weeks with nothing. #Andjustlikethat California goes and totally redeems itself! Sometimes these big storms have a huge forecast to live up to, but this one delivered. Storm totals at Palisades Tahoe reported at 69 inches, and further south at Mammoth a measly 53 inches! We’re talking 4 to 5 feet of snow in just a couple days. Think that’s insane? You should see the pictures:

The December Snow Future-cast

And if all this new snow wasn’t already too good to be true, the “Futurecast” shows there’s even more on the way, and next week might even be better. Here’s an all-access look at what lies ahead from our friends at OpenSnow.

Show Us Your Snow

Were you one of the lucky ones to see this miraculous storm hit the west coast? Show us! Post your pics in our Facebook Group and keep tagging us in your snow related posts on Instagram @TheSnowReport. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more weather drops like this as the season rolls on. Cheers, friends.

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