Thank You, Jake Burton Carpenter


Thank You, Jake Burton Carpenter

I learned of Jake’s passing today was immediately hit with a wave of emotions. Sadness, sympathy, empathy, nostalgia, and appreciation, just to name a few. My heart hurts for his family, friends and those closest to him today.

Jake Burton Carpenter was a pioneer. He thought differently and carved a new niche (pun definitely intended), creating an outlet for endless creativity on and off the mountain.

Every fall, Jake and Donna both graciously opened their home to so many of us and threw one hell of a party to celebrate their team’s hard work and welcome the upcoming winter. It was a privilege to attend and we always left with great stories and fond memories.

The impact Burton Snowboards has had on so many of our lives is hard to quantify.

Without snowboarding, I never would’ve developed such a deep love for the mountains. I wouldn’t be traveling north when others vacation south. I might be wishing winters away, when instead I cherish these months spent in snowstorms standing sideways with close friends and family. I never would have pursued a career founded on passion.

Most importantly, snowboarding brought me to my most important and precious people, my husband and my beautiful baby boy, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

My story is one of many. And all of our stories are unique in their own way. But as an industry, hobbyists, friends and family… As snowboarders, we all share the same deep sadness and never ending gratitude.

Thank you, Jake.