TSR x OpenSnow Fireside Chats


TSR x OpenSnow Fireside Chats

Forecasts by the Fire

This week TSR kicks off our new series of featured videos called OpenSnow Fireside Chats. In this premiere episode, Halley O’Brien sits down with Sam Collentine. Sam is OpenSnow’s Director of Operations, as well as one of their many talented meteorologists, and of course a dedicated skier!

Topics this week include: Why are long-range forecasts are 💩-? What is La Niña and what is its impact on snowfall? Discussing the effects of climate change on ski season. Which are the best resorts for early season snowfall? What the heck is a Wet Bulb and why do we care? And, stay tuned until the very end for some fun rapid-fire questions with Sam.

The Chatting

Forecasting the Coming Weeks…

We hope you enjoyed our first candid, and in depth conversation about all things weather and snow for this upcoming season. The forecast shows more fireside chats on the horizon with a strong chance of information and entertainment! Stayed tuned into TSR and be sure not to miss our future chats in the coming weeks with OpenSnow’s Joel Gratz, Evan Thayer, Bryan Allegretto and more.

No high or low pressure, but if you have a storm of questions brewing, we want to know! You can send them to us in our Facebook group or leave a comment on our Instagram. And then be sure to watch the next TSR x OpenSnow Fireside Chat to see weather or not your question is featured!

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