The Snow RePORTER Beer Is Here!

The Snow RePORTER Beer Is Here!

A Dream Come Brew!

This week brings BIG news straight from the land of gear, beer, and guaranteed good times. Drum roll please…. That’s right ,you might have guessed by now, but The Snow Report has its very own beer! The Snow RePORTER! Get it? It’s a porter style beer, but it’s from TSR so…you guys get it. Watch the unboxing in the video above or on YouTube.

Telluride Brewing Co. x TSR Collaboration Celebration!

This dream come true became possible thanks to our awesome friends at the Telluride Brewing Company in Colorado. The Snow RePORTER is an easy drinking American style porter beer that tips the scales at a Blue Square worthy 5.7% ABV. Chris Fish, Brew Master and Co-Founder of Telluride Brewing Company, says this special winter brew “boasts notes of milk and dark chocolate and a slight clean, hop bitterness, while
giving way to vanilla and roasty, toasty coffee goodness.”

Want a full pour of The Snow RePORTER?

Starting this week, The Snow RePORTER from Telluride Brew Co. will be on shelves at stores across Colorado. Find a location closest to you here!

But if you’re not able to make it to the Centennial State, you can get this drinkable snow-stake shipped right to your door (assuming your state allows that sort of thing). Learn more here.

But, to really get every last drop of this delicious beer story, tune into this week’s of edition of our podcast Beyond The Apres!

This week’s guest is none other Chris Fish, the afore mentioned co-founder of Telluride Brewing Co. This is where he and Halley first discussed the birth of our new beer. The idea goes from just a twinkle of a snowflake in Halley’s head, to initial pitch, and it just snowballs from there!

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