Is Skiing Over or Under-Hyped? – The Snow Report S7E5

Is Skiing Over or Under-Hyped? – The Snow Report S7E5

This Week On The Snow Report:

US Ski Team Updates

This week on The Snow Report, Halley shares news from the US Ski and Snowboard team. This season’s rosters have been announced across all disciplines, as training and World Cup Seasons start to ramp up towards this year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing!

SQUAD GOALS! The women’s tech team celebrates four women in the top 25 at the FIS Ski World Cup opener. (Pic Courtesy US Ski & Snowboard)

Death of a Bra Tree at Smuggler’s Notch

Some top Notch reporting from Stephanie Gorin on the end of an era at Smuggler’s Notch in VT. Unfortunately, they’ve had to cut down their famous bra tree because it had grown too close to the lifts. Luckily women were on hand to retrieve their formerly flung undergarments and support each other.

Over or Under-Hyped presented by The IKON Pass – AND GIVEAWAY!

Talk about Hot Takes! Halley gets to know what IKON pass Holders consider over-hyped and under-hyped. We tackle very controversial topics like shot-skis, paper trail maps, and pocket bacon. But there’s also a GIVEAWAY! Head on over the old Instagram for rules on how to enter to win a backpack, packed with all sorts of cool IKON schwag, like beanies and tumblers and more. Oh and of course the neat backpack it all came in.

Look at Weather w/OpenSnow!

A bunch of resorts are already open for business and plenty more opening dates as we head towards Thanksgiving! But who will be turkey trotting down the mountain on fresh snow? We check in with our friends at OpenSnow to take a look at the weather and what’s ahead!

And More!

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