A new Snow Reporter in town? The Snow Report S6 E8

A new Snow Reporter in town? The Snow Report S6 E8

What’s on tap this week?

In this episode of The Snow Report, Halley starts off 2021 pouring all willy nilly, and making a mess with a beer called aptly, Silly Nilly! This beer is a collaboration between Kettlehead Brewing & Oozlefinch Beers & Blending. Aside from its striking resemblance to Alexander the Grape, this Gose Ale is made with Cotton Candy Grapes, Peaflower, Floss Sugar, Lactose, and Vanilla and touts a 6.5% ABV. 


Silly snow totals continue to be reported across the Pow-cific Northwest, but they’re not the only ones getting in on the fun! The mid-west got some snow on the ground at places like Wild Mountain in Minnesota. And who’s having more fun than these folks at Detroit Mountain, also in Minnesota! Or should we say… Minne-SNOW-ta?

“We made it to 2021, finally!” is likely what they’re shouting at Detroit Mtn (Photo Courtesy of Facebook)

And not to be outdone, the Northeast turned things upside down, with gorgeous shots like this of recent inversion layers.

A brighter new year ahead, is that you poking out above the clouds? (Photo Courtesy of Facebook)

The Ronan Report!

Halley tries to embrace the future, by taking a look at the next generation of snow reporters. Ronan Fisher from Granite Peak, Wisconsin delivering the goods. He’s the real deal.

We get weather reports, terrain updates, and even a mask wearing safety PSA. Kid had hand written notes in front of him. Didn’t even need them. What a pro. Watch out Halley!

Busy Week Ahead!

Be sure not to miss the latest episode of our podcast, Beyond The Apres! It premieres Thursday 1/7. This week, Halley and co-host Rich Stoner from All About Après, shake it up with Karen Hoskin, the owner and founder of the award winning Montanya Rum in Crested Butte.

But wait there’s more!

End the week right by tuning in to hear about some turns in our latest edition of Fast & Loose with the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team. Adam Jaber of the Out of Bounds Podcast returns as host with special guest, 2x Olympian Freestyle skier Aaron Blunck! This latest episode will premiere on Instagram Live on @TheSnowReport at 7pm EST on Friday 1/7.

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