You’ve Got the Wrong (Mt.) Bachelor


You’ve Got the Wrong (Mt.) Bachelor

“College Students Love Moms & Dads”

File this under one of the cutest things we’ve seen all week.

An avid fan of ABC’s “The Bachelor” franchise took it upon themselves to pen this thoughtful letter with some solid suggestions for the show’s producers.

The 15-year-old believes a spinoff series focused on older men and women, single parents and “middle-aged-senior adults” would be wildly successful because “college kids love moms and dads.” (Hey, don’t be creepy, Stifler.)

Here’s the catch… They sent the theoretical rose to the wrong Bachelor.

That’s right. Instead of this lovely letter making its way to the show’s suggestion box (assuming one exists), it arrived in the mail room at one of our own favorite bachelors… Mt. Bachelor in Oregon.

Mt. Bachelor penned a letter of their own to clear up the miscommunication and offer up some lift tickets so The Bachelor fan can become a fan of… Bachelor.

We can’t help but smile at the adorable sentiment and effort, and we hope the producers find this letter so other middle-senior-older-aged people can find love, too.