Vail Resorts Buys Seven Springs


Vail Resorts Buys Seven Springs

Vail Resorts Acquires Seven Springs, Hidden Valley & Laurel Mountain Ski Areas

Seven Springs Mountain Resort has announced that Vail Resorts will purchase Seven Springs, and sister properties, Hidden Valley Resort and Laurel Mountain Ski Area. Seven Springs Mountain Resort boasts 285 skiable acres, 750 feet of vertical and one of the most popular terrain parks on the east coast. All three ski areas sit just over an hour southeast of Pittsburgh. The $125 million dollar shopping spree will include all 3 ski areas as well as a hotel, conference center and other related operations.

According to Vail Resorts, this move was part of a concerted and continuous effort on Vail’s part to have a presence near big cities. “As a company, we have been focused on acquiring resorts near major metropolitan areas, as we know many skiers and riders build their passion for the sport close to home,” said Vail CEO Kirsten Lynch, “These great ski areas in Pennsylvania are a perfect complement to our existing resorts, creating a much stronger connection and compelling offering to our current and future guests in Pittsburgh as well as those in other critical markets such as Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Cleveland.”

Immediately Epic or Soon After?

As of now, all operations and resort access remain business as usual for the current 2021-2022 winter season. Vail Resorts has announced that some type of Epic Pass product will be valid at these properties in the 22/23 season. Epic Pass pricing and details remained to be determined.

A Bit of History

Is it the end of an era for skiing in the mid-Atlantic or simply the turning of a page? A lot has changed since 1935, when original owner Adolph Dupre invented the first mechanical rope tow. It was powered by a Packard Automobile engine, and was installed for the skiers on Suicide Hill. They used the car wheels, without the tires, as pulleys to carry his tow. Eighty-six years later, people are still sliding down the same hills. Some venture into one of country’s best terrain parks and the only 22-ft superpipe on the East Coast. These features have inspired and produced X-Games local legend, Tom Wallisch.

The sun has set on many different owners since Seven Springs started. But, the history and character remain in this tiny nook of the Allegheny Mountains.

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