New Mayflower Ski Resort Coming to Park City


New Mayflower Ski Resort Coming to Park City

Get Ready Columbus – The Mayflower Is Headed to Park City

Skiers and (maybe?) snowboarders who shred in Utah may have another resort to choose from: Mayflower Mountain Resort. Trail maps and base area renderings have already started surfacing for the new resort that overlooks Jordanelle Reservoir and backs up to the ski-only Deer Valley Resort.

The New York-based developers have already purchased 5,600 acres of private land in recent years, including the 2,300-acre Mayflower property where Mayflower Mountain Resort and Village will be built.

The full build-out will most likely take 15 to 40 years, however sources say construction crews are already on site to begin the necessary infrastructure improvements. The first of seven proposed chairlifts are planned to be installed next summer, with operations expected to begin in 2021.

Village plans for the Mayflower Mountain Resort propose a five-star hotel and a four-star hotel along with a 40,000 square foot conference center. The conference center is slated to be constructed first, and will include 100 subsidized rooms with discount rates for active duty and retired military personnel and their families.

The news hit the internet earlier this week and everyone is buzzing about the new resort’s potential and what its relationship with Deer Valley will look. However as of now, no arrangement with Deer Valley has been formally announced. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the ski/snowboard relationship with Mayflower Mountain Resort shakes out with the skier-only Deer Valley Resort.