Alabama, Winter Wonderland?


Alabama, Winter Wonderland?

Ski ‘Bama!

The Yellowhammer state, (that’s a bird, don’t worry I had to look it up, too!) is home to the 17x time college football champion Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama. It’s also the birthplace of white barbecue sauce and Forrest Gump. But did you know there is skiing in Alabama?

Just minutes from the bustling metropolis of Mentone, in northeast Alabama, sits Cloudmont Ski & Golf resort.

Cloudmont offers two one-thousand foot long rope tows. These lifts take skiers and riders up to a peak elevation of just over 1800 feet above sea level. It might not sound like much, but from the top, you are staring down at 150 feet of vert of the best grade-A, cold smoke, blower pow man-made hard packed snow that Alabama has to offer.

Cloudmont Ski and Golf Resort – Photos courtesy of Facebook

Thursday Night Lights

The 2020-2021 season will mark the 50th anniversary of the state’s lone ski resort. According to their website, “Glittering snow comes to Cloudmont as soon as cold overnight temperatures drop to 28 degrees or colder,” which is code for firing up the snow guns. This means Alabama ski season could also be just around the corner.

In addition, this family-friendly winter wonderland also offers lessons to help you make those first turns. All inclusive packages for gear rental, lift ticket, and a beginner lesson for $65 for adults each weekend. That’s the type of well balanced happy meal I can get on board with.

If that’s still too rich for your blood, grab some buddies after work, and go make some turns under the lights. That’s right, they have night skiing. You can get 4 hours of rope tow goodness 6p-10p mid-week for just $29.

Night skiing at Cloudmont

Measure of a Mountain

Cloudmont is a hidden gem of true American ski culture. Despite less than ideal weather conditions and geological disadvantages, they dedicate their winters to spreading the joy of sliding down snow. Skiing isn’t measured by how much vert you rack up, or how deep the powder is. It’s measured by how loud your “Yippeeeee!” is on your first turn; and by how wide the smile on your face is with the chill of a winter breeze on your cheeks.

If you make it to Cloudmont this season, be sure to tell them The Snow Report sent you, and Roll Tide!

Safety first at the top of the rope-tow at Cloudmont in Alabama

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