Montanya Rum on Beyond The Après Ep. 6


Montanya Rum on Beyond The Après Ep. 6

Episode 6 of Beyond The Après with Montanya Rum

Forget everything you think you knew about rum. In the latest episode, of Beyond the Après, Halley and Rich are shaking things up with Karen Hoskin, owner and founder of the award winning Montanya Rum from Crested Butte, Colorado. Find out how a drink in India, 32 years ago changed Karen’s life, and set her on a path to enlighten us all about this often misunderstood and misused spirit.

Save your blended strawberry hangover-in-a-glass for your mozzarella sticks at TGIF Fridays. By tuning in, you also learn how to make the gorgeous and balanced traditional daiquiri pictured above with just 3 simple ingredients. Also, Montanya Rum didn’t land in Crested Butte by accident. Karen knows that the best rums in the world come from mountain topography. And she would know. Montanya Rum was voted BEST RUM IN THE WORLD! Also, not a bad place to take a break from sipping craft cocktails and go skiing!

Where Else Can I Find The Podcast?

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