Covid-19 Car Lodge Tips and Tricks


Covid-19 Car Lodge Tips and Tricks

If You Don’t Tailgate This Year…

If you don’t tailgate this year, you’ll be one year older when you do. The parking lot has always been a central factor in ski culture. Warren Miller and Ward Baker lived in the Sun Valley parking lot for 2 years in 1946 and 47. For them, it was a sense of freedom and adventure. Fast forward 75 years and because of Covid, we’re forced to spend those early mornings and after-ski-hours back at the car. And just like everything with Covid-19, these things take some getting used to. The Snow Report takes a look at the pros and cons of car lodging in the lot and mixes in some tips to help make the best out of it.

More time in the parking lot is the new normal this ski season because of Covid (Photo courtesy of Richard Beaven for The New York Times)

Covid Car Lodge Cons

We knew this was not going to be ideal. There’s a reason they build those nice cozy lodges. The mornings might be the toughest, but aren’t they always? Getting suited up in the parking lot can suck. Not much privacy, confined spaces, and darn it it’s cold. (Toss in a few toddlers and that’s another layer of complexity to navigate.)

Here are a couple tricks to overcome the getting ready blues; invest in a good mug and a toasty beverage.

Next, bring a small door mat. Keep it in back of trunk and utilize for boot transitions. It keeps those feet dry and start your day on the right foot.

Lastly, if weather isn’t cooperating or you’re just not having a good car time? Get out of there! Go hit the slopes, that’s what you’re here for anyways. Snag that first chair and go shred some pow laps.

No need to dilly dally at the car in the morning, the mountain awaits! (Photo Credit – Liftopia)

Tailgating Is Nothing New

Shifting après ski to the parking lot isn’t necessarily a new concept. (Just ask any sports ball fan out there.) And skiers are built for “cold weather car bars.” Plus, by the time you have your last run, the temperatures are usually way more palatable, especially as we head into spring.

Channel your inner tailgater and bust out the grill or a personal fire pit for some tasty post-ski snacks. (Assuming the ski area allows this sort of thing. People get a little iffy about open flames.)

Pro tip – don’t forget chairs. Not every tailgate has an actual tailgate, and we still need to be able to space out safely.

Another bonus, is the tunes.You don’t have to listen to “Sweet Caroline” for the 5th time in an hour. You can set your own post-ski soundtrack. So make sure you have a Bluetooth speaker. (You won’t want to drain your car’s battery… and you definitely don’t want to be the jackwagon idling his car in the parking lot.)

See? There’s no need for $20 mediocre burgers or overpriced beer. As long as you have a packed cooler and snacks you’re in business. Koozies are also a plus.

Burgers hot of the grill in the parking lot at Wolf Creek! (Photo – Kate Russell for The New York Times)

Parking Lot Positivity

This winter season is (hopefully) a one-off anomaly, and we’ll be back in lodges, dancing on tables in ski boots in no time. The fact we’re even skiing, during this crazy global pandemic, is a gift.

So ski and ride hard. Have beer and a brat in the lot when the day is done. Get out there and make some memories, so we have the stories to tell when things get back to normal. Stay safe and stay stoked Snow Reporters, we’re going to get through this, and going to get through it together!

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A smile and a beer go a long way in the lodge or the lot. (photo courtesy of Ski Utah)

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