Chloe Kim Is Golden Girl Again!


Chloe Kim Is Golden Girl Again!

Chloe Kim Defends Halfpipe Gold In Beijing

For the second straight Olympic Games, Chloe Kim is your Women’s Halfpipe Gold Medalist! The 21 year old, defending Olympic Champion from Long Beach, California won the event in Beijing with a stellar opening run and a score of 94. Chloe set the bar from the beginning and the rest of the field just could not catch her. The winning run included a 1080, a switch 900, a switch backside 540 and another 1080. Take a look for yourself!

Congrats Chloe Kim!

She did it! But, even after stomping out what would be the gold medal run, she did not sit back and rest. Her final run could have been mailed in as a victory lap, but she went all out. She attempted two huge 1260s but was unable to land them. Even with a gold medal in her back pocket she was still pushing the sport forward. Congratulations Chloe Kim, and thank you, it was beautiful to watch!

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