Trail Maps – But Make It Fashion


Trail Maps – But Make It Fashion

Trail Map Hoodies, What a Tree-t!

Trail maps on sweatshirts, so hot right now. Seriously though, how cool are these trail map hoodies? These unisex sweatshirts will keep you comfy, cozy and warm on and off the hill. You get to look rad while repping your home mountain. And you’ll never get lost or have to ask for directions!

Enough happy little trees on this hoodie to make Bob Ross blush!

Paper trail maps, are so outdated. Who wants to deal with the 8x folded Rubik’s cube conundrum of a traditional trail map? Sure, your phone might know the way. But, if you have to take your gloves off to get to it, you’re already lost. And no way Siri is recognizing you in a helmet, goggles and Covid-preventing gaiter.

No need to stress! Just look down at your base layer. Ahh, there it is! To get back to the lodge, I just take the green circle traverse, from my right shoulder across my chest and down my left arm back to the base at my wrist. Form, function, and fashion!

Put that Black Diamond Where Your Mouth is!

Trail map fashion, isn’t just for hoodies. They also come in neck gaiters. Face coverings were always this season’s must have. But, now they can have a little mountain flair for skiers and boarders alike. They’re lightweight and washable in a stylish one-size-fits-all trail map for your face. Though, when dealing with Covid-19 prevention, we’d recommend tossing a secondary mask underneath.

Trail Maps on Gaiters from Steezy
A fun trail map gaiter that nose the way back to the lodge!

How to Get the Goods

The fashion cartographers behind these unique mountain threads come from Salt Lake City company, “Steezy“. This winter brand started out as “Snowboarding Makes Me Happy” but that name limited them to only have seasonal sales with snowboarders. So Steezy, was born to open up their brand to be year-round and all action sports since 2015.

Founder, Jared Peterson, came up with the trail map concept in 2017, and since their first partnership with Big Sky Resort, the orders have snowballed from there. Other resorts currently gracing their apparel include Alta, Boyne Mtn., Brighton, Loon, Sugarloaf, Sunday River and more!

Check out available offerings at your local resort ski shop or shop online at Steezy’s website here! Their company motto is, “Always Awesome!” and these hoodies and gaiters are just that. Nothing more fun than stoke you can wear.

Photo of an Alta Trail Map hoodie
Snowboarders are allowed to purchase the Alta hoodie pictured

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