‘Chocolate Snowflakes’ Leave Dusting Over Swiss Village


‘Chocolate Snowflakes’ Leave Dusting Over Swiss Village

No Friends On A Cocoa Powder Day

A Swiss village woke up to a dusting of “chocolate snowflakes” thanks to a sweet, serendipitous factory malfunction at a nearby Lindt & Spruengli factory.

Olten, the village between Zurich and Basel, was lightly covered in a chocolatey substance, and many residents posted photos of their cars, sidewalks and other surfaces.

How Did It Happen?

The Lindt & Spruengli company said this chocolate powder day was due to a cooling ventilation system malfunction. This happy accident sprinkled “cocoa nibs” all over the town. Strong winds during this malfunction were responsible for carrying it far and wide across the village.

This sounds like the plot of a Hallmark movie that we want to write, produce, direct and star in.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), Lindt has fixed the malfunction, so don’t expect any more chocolate snowflakes anytime soon.

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