The Ultimate ‘How To Ski’ Guide


The Ultimate ‘How To Ski’ Guide

Tips and Instructions for First Timers Who Want to Learn to Ski

A new winter brings us a new ski season, and with it, new skiers! Your first time sliding down snow can be scary and intimidating no matter how old you are. There’s so much to learn! The gear, the lingo, and the moves. It can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! And who better to take the edge off those first turns than our very own Halley O’Brien?!

Halley has teamed up with the Professional Ski Instructors of America & American Association of Snowboard Instructors to get you started skiing even before you hit the mountain. Follow along with her and professional instructor, Eric Lipton, in the following series of introductory videos getting you ready to learn to ski.

If you french-fry when you should pizza, you’re not gonna have a good time ok? (Photo Courtesy of PSIA)

Part 1: Ski Gear, Using Your Bindings, and Carry Your Skis

There are several things beginner skiers can learn before they even set foot on snow. In the first section of our beginner’s guide to skiing, we will cover:

  • How to buckle up for skiing, and put ski boots on correctly.
  • Getting to know the skis, which parts are which?
  • How to click in and also take off your skis.
  • How to safely carry your skis.

Part 2: First Moves on Snow, Side-Stepping, and How to Get Up After a Fall

Now that you understand your gear, it’s time to get moving. In this section, we will cover:

  • Gliding on snow. This is the fun part.
  • Duck walking and side-stepping, what is that? And how to do it!
  • If you become well acquainted with the ground, it’s important to know how to get back up!

Part 3: How to Turn, How to Stop, and How to Get on a Chairlift

In the third and final part of our learn to ski series, we’re going to talk about the basic movements on snow.

Turning and stopping are essentially the same thing, so here’s how to do both!

Go With A Pro

Now that you’ve seen a little bit of what’s in store, you’re ready to head to the mountain, full of new lingo, tips and knowledge. But there is so substitute for the real deal. If it’s your first time skiing, take a lesson. Get ready for the first day of ski school and practice what you’ve learned. And make sure your instructors are PSIA certified. The best learn from the best, and you’ll have more fun! Hope you enjoyed this segment, we’ll be back next week with an intro for snowboarders. Until next time, hope to see you on the slopes!

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