The Snow Report S6 E12: Influencers in the Wild at Mountain Creek

The Snow Report S6 E12: Influencers in the Wild at Mountain Creek

How Cold Is Too Cold?

If you think it’s chilly where you are, then you clearly aren’t Canadian enough. America’s neighbor to the north has been plunged into a polar vortex for much of the last week. But based on these chipper, go-with-the-flow Canadian attitudes, you’d wouldn’t know it’s a bone chilling -51.9 degrees Celsius (or -61.42* Fahrenheit.) Because there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad layering.

What to know about snow!

An active pattern brought snow to most of the country in the first week of February, with that pattern expected to continue into Presidents Day Weekend. Look for the deepest powder to hit Colorado, Utah and across California in the coming days. And for those keeping score at home, this week’s Snow RePORTER Winner of the week is Jackson Hole!

With 16 cans worth of fresh snow just in time for the Natural Selection Tour, riders have steep and deep conditions at play!

Influencers in the Wild

Lastly, our friends over at Mountain Creek Resort in New Jersey take an in-depth look at getting the perfect mountain Tik Tok and perfecting those actions shot for the gram. Turns out, being this influential takes a lot of setup, style, rhythm, and contentious conversations with your significant other.

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Listen In: Beyond The Après

If you’d like to learn more about the libation Halley is enjoying in this week’s episode, check out the newest Beyond the Après podcast. Halley and Rich sit down with both the brewery AND the resort to hear more about this commemorative birthday beer.

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