The Snow Report S6 E10: Chasing Marcus

The Snow Report S6 E10: Chasing Marcus

This Week on The Snow Report

As always, Halley cracks open this week’s episode of The Snow Report with a cold one. This week’s featured brewski is the Conehead IPA from Zero Gravity Craft Brewey in Burlington, Vermont.

Conehead IPA from Zero Gravity in Burlington VT.

This beer is an “All Citra-Hopped IPA brewed with Pilsner Malt and American Wheat. Pours a beautiful golden haze and is bright and juicy on the palate.” Sound delicious? Then you should tap into this week’s episode of our Beyond the Apres podcast where the guests will be the guys from…you guessed it, Zero Gravity!

On With The Show!

Halley is wowed by Chuck Peterson’s epic send on water, shredding epic waves at Mavericks! If there’s poles it’s not water skiing. It’s skiing on water. More on that here!

On the hunt for snow, with OpenSnow

Halley run’s down the past weeks storms and what lies ahead on the horizon. According to our friends at OpenSnow, flakes are in the forecast this weekend a little bit everywhere, “Snow showers will continue across the Northeast on Friday and into early Saturday. In the West, the Northern Rockies and Southern Cascades will see snow on Friday, then the storm will strengthen as it progresses farther south with moderate to heavy snow developing over parts of Eastern Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. The Southern Sierras and Southern California Mountains along with Northern Arizona are likely to get in on the action as well.”

Chasing Marcus

Catching up with buddies already on the hill almost impossible and is as Halley puts it, “It’s a trail as old as time. A lift as olde as rhyme.” But, not anymore! Snowbird has an app for that. It tracks your ski stats, provides trail reports, and can track your friends in real time. That is unless your friend is pro skier, Marcus Caston.

Stay Tuned Like Your Skis

Plenty of goods to be got on and off the hill these days. Don’t forget to tune in to the latest episode of Beyond the Apres for more on delicious brew from Zero Gravity Craft Brewey. Put another log on the fire because there will be a new fireside chat with OpenSnow very soon. And if you missed our latest edition of Fast & Loose w/U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team , catch up with our latest recap here.

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