The Snow Farmer of Alta


The Snow Farmer of Alta

The Farmer – Dave Van Dame

In the latest edition of Alta’s video series “Steeped In Tradition”, we are introduced to Dave Van Dame, aka… The Farmer. Dave has been a regular at Alta for almost fifty years. Locals often recognize him by his signature ice beard and mustache. But they also know his signature skiing style, leaving works of art across untouched snowfields of Alta’s peaks.

Farmer Dave leaving a field rows of beautiful powder turns on the slopes of Alta
All photos courtesy of Alta

The Soul of Skiing

Dave is now 73, and never misses a storm day. He tries to live a simple life, using minimal resources to accomplish whatever goals he has. Farmer Dave takes the bus to the slopes of Alta to save time and money, and focus on what’s most import to him; skiing. He says his signature style of skiing is a physical type of mediation for him. But, as an added bonus, it also allows him to ski untracked pow all day long. Dave is the living, skiing embodiment of the old “waste not, want not” philosophy. Beautifully shot by Sweetgrass Productions, this video gives us a deeper look at Farmer Dave, at Alta, and at the true soul of skiing. Enjoy!

*Note, Farmer Dave is not wearing a mask in this footage as the majority of filming took place during the 2019-20 winter, well before the arrival of COVID-19.

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