North Country: The Oldest Ski Shop in America


North Country: The Oldest Ski Shop in America

Give a hoot, Watch Lahout’s!

From “Stept Studios” comes a new documentary, “North Country – The Oldest Ski Shop in America”. North Country is not your typical ski movie. There are no big airs, or powder face shots. Award-winning director Nick Martini and cinematographer Cam Riley come together to tell the story of Lahout’s, America’s oldest ski shop. Nestled amongst the rugged White Mountains, in Littleton, New Hampshire, Lahout’s has been family owned an operated since 1920. You read that right, and your math is correct, 100 years strong. Beautifully shot, this documentary has been four years in the making.

Lahout family photo in front of original location.
The Lahout family | Image by Christopher Baldwin

The film details the shop’s early beginnings as a local general store to current day regional landmark. Follow along with four generations of the Lahout family, and watch the store, skiing, and the world around it evolve alongside each other over the past hundred years. It takes a different breed to live and survive the harsh winters of the northeast. It takes a resilient and dedicated skier to tackle its icy slopes. And it takes a family to run a ski shop in the heart of it for over a century. This movie is a inspiring skiing story, an immigrant story, an American story. Available to watch now in it’s entirety for free on Vimeo. See below, and please enjoy.

North Country from Stept Studios on Vimeo.

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