Halloween TSR Edition: Laughs and Lanterns


Halloween TSR Edition: Laughs and Lanterns

Happy Halloween from The Snow Report

Can you believe October is over and it’s already Halloween?! Resort lifts are starting to spin around the country, and those first turns will be here before you know it!

Until then, take a minute and carve out some time to enjoy these ski and snow themed Jack O’ Lanterns. And a coffin full of jokes and puns so bad you’ll wish you were socially distant six feet under.

Let’s Give ’em pumpkin to talk about…

These Jokes are Fa-boo-lous!!

Why didnt the skeleton go skiing? He had no body to go with.
No friends on a powder day!
Text reads: The mummy hurt his back skiing. Now he needs a Cairo practor
Or maybe a massage would help him unwind…
Casper the friendly ghost skis past a penguin. Text reads: What's Casper's favorite part of Apres? The Booze!
Out of my way penguin, Frank N. Stein is saving me a seat at the fire pit!
Vampire depicted in front of a slalom course. Text reads: Did you watch the vampire slalom race? It was neck and neck the whole time.
The race started at tooth hurty. (2:30p get it?)
A jack'o lantern lights up a bar scene.
What did the Pumpkin say at Happy Hour? Let's get smashed!
This one’s for you Billy Corgan!

Have a Spooktacular Halloween!

From all of us at TSR, we want to wish all you ghouls and boys out there, the happiest of Halloweens. Have a fang-tastic night! Whether you are out trick or treating or staying home and having a scary movie marathon; stay safe, stay healthy, and wear a (spooky) mask. Get ready, winter is just around the coroner!

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