Caught Candide on Camera


Caught Candide on Camera

Candide Thovex Does Candide Like Things

For those unfamiliar, allow me to introduce Candide Thovex. Simply put, this French born skier is not of this earth, but also might be the best skier on the planet. This footage from his latest video below proves it.

Pardon my French, but that was nuts!

Thanks to Google translate, we should say “C’est fou!” Honestly, I am not sure what part of his latest montage is the most surprising. Maybe, most shocking is that any filmer could keep up!

This wasn’t some backcountry photo-op. This was in-bounds, at a resort, with plenty of other people around. Can you imagine making some peaceful little S turns on a blue run, and that guy comes ripping buy at Mach 3?!

Or should we talk about how Candide is now 38 year old? He won his first X Games gold medal, two decades ago. And won the Freeride World Tour ten years ago. Is there anything on two skis this man can’t do? Like fine French wine, he truly is getting better with age. At least this time, he decided not to show off, and actually ski on snow.

A little more from Candide s’il vous plaît?

Sorry, can’t help it. This guy is just so fun to watch ski. It’s beautiful. It’s inspiring. In short, it’s just Candide doing Candide things. And, when you see it, you know it right away, and are happy you did. So, here’s a little more from the legend himself ripping around Courchevel ski resort in France. Make sure to have volume up to listen to the French peanut gallery.

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