Bernie Sanders Memes Storm the Internet


Bernie Sanders Memes Storm the Internet

Bernie Sanders Memes Remain Undefeated

Inauguration day brought the first page to a new chapter for America. It also brought memes. Bernie Sanders memes. And what could be more fitting for the Vermonter, than to have those memes invade ski and snow socials all around the interwebs. Here are a some of our favorites!

When you want to be snowboarding but your fam drags you snowtubing.

No bar for Bernie.

Make your car your lodge they said. It’ll be great they said.

Bern-ing up in the fridge.

Bernie SENDers

Bernie: Father of Mittens, Breaker of Internets.

Are You Feeling the Bern?

Are you loving these memes as much as we are? Maybe, you have found some more good ones we might have missed? Please share with us! Tag us on Instagram @TheSnowReport or post it in our Facebook Group. Winter isn’t coming, Bernie. It’s already here!

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