2021-2022 Ski Season: The Race To Open First!


2021-2022 Ski Season: The Race To Open First!

Which U.S. Ski Resort will be the first to open for the 2021-2022 season?

It is a timeless tradition, that is also the ceremonial start to winter; the annual quest to be the first ski resort in the US to open their doors and their lifts. It’s only October 14th, not even a month into fall, but this year’s race is officially on!

Recent snowfall across the Rockies has the start of this year’s ski season upon us faster than anticipated. Wolf Creek in Colorado announced Wednesday, that after 14 inches from this weeks’ storms, they are poised to open this weekend!

But, did Wolf Creek speak too soon? Sure, they may open this weekend. But, that does not necessarily mean they will open first. In 2019, Keystone announced on a Friday they’d have their earliest opening since 1995, the following morning at 9am Saturday, Oct. 12th. This gave Arapahoe Basin just enough time to say hold my beer, and announce they would be opening that very Friday Oct. 11th at 3:30pm to steal their thunder and the crown to be first in the front range to open yet again!

“Opening” is Open to Interpretation

Wolf Creek claimed they were the first resort to open last season, only to have their comment sections filled with an avalanche of posts noting that mid-western resorts Wild Mountain in Minnesota and Trollhaugen, in Wisconsin actually opened weeks earlier.

This is where the loopholes and fine print start to get a little blurry. Does a rope tow count, or do you need a chairlift spinning to be “open”. Or do you need a lift at all?

Skiers and riders at Silverton have been hiking to get the goods all week. And what about the snow? Does it have to be natural snow or can it be manmade? If that’s the case, where does an indoor year round resort like BIG SNOW in New Jersey factor in all of this? Does the snow even have to be new? Trollhaugen once again making push to be first, hosting their annual OpenHaugen day last week with snow park features utilizing snow piled up and saved from last year!

First or Last, Let’s Just Hope It Lasts!

Congrats to all resorts and riders opening the season with their first turns this weekend! October snowfall has stoke levels high, but let’s not get burned out on the first rope tows of the season. There is a lot of fanfare this time of year during the race to open and it’s all in good fun, but plenty of winter days lay ahead. So let’s just hope those days, weeks and months are filled with snow.

Enjoy every moment of it. Because in the blink of an eye we may just be right back here, talking about which resort will be the last to close for the season! Stay tuned to The Snow Report on Instagram and in our Facebook Group to find out who really deserves the crown this year for first to open!

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