Tom Brady: World’s Greatest…Skier?


Tom Brady: World’s Greatest…Skier?

Tom Brady Skis Just Like Us!

As 43-year-old Tom Brady heads to his 10th Super Bowl, it’s important to remember, he’s also a skier just like us! When he isn’t tracking down another Lombardi Trophy, he likes to strap ’em on and point ’em downhill. Tom often does just that at the exclusive, members-only Yellow Stone Club in Montana, with his supermodel wife as his chairlift buddy. Ok so, maybe not exactly like us.

Tom knows champions love a challenge! (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

The Greatest Put In The Work

Whether it’s football or skiing, no one is a world champion their first day. It takes years of practice, dedication and hard work. No one on the planet knows that better than Tom Brady. But sometimes, the mountains need to remind us. Tom found that out the hard way, posting this video of a fall on social media in 2016.

Lucky for Tom, and for Patriots fans at the time, he was not seriously injured. I guess you could say he took it like a champ! And of course, the GOAT reviewed the tape. He went frame by frame, dissected his form to figure out where he went wrong, stopping the theoretical hearts of his fan base. Then, he watched film of the best to do it and learned from them. Here is Tom taking tips from Lindsey Vonn’s gold medal winning run in Vancouver.

Super Bowl Ski-son

As most of us get older, on or off the slopes, things can start to slow down and go downhill. Not for Tom Brady. It almost wouldn’t feel like January without Tom Brady winning playoff football games. Going to 10 Super Bowls is an unparalleled accomplishment, and if he wins that would make it 7 times atop football’s biggest podium. And Tom… while the Super Bowl marks the end to football season, it also the start of your ski season.

Good luck on February 7th, Mr Brady. Make sure Gronk never pizzas, only french fries. Otherwise, you’re gonna have a bad time. And you’ll probably lose.

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