Saints RB Alvin Kamara Is A Snowboarding Natural


Saints RB Alvin Kamara Is A Snowboarding Natural

Alvin Kamara Takes His Talents To The Slopes in Montana

One of the fastest men on the NFL’s gridiron is quickly becoming one of the fastest on snow. Alvin Kamara of the New Orleans Saints is spending this off-season on the slopes of Big Sky, Montana, and absolutely loving it!

Beginners luck?

Apparently, Alvin had never stepped on a snowboard until Monday. His ability isn’t too surprising since he’s such a world class athlete, but he’s definitely not what most of us looked like on our first day. He’s really cruising and even getting the confidence to try some jumps!

Sounds like somebody has powder fever!

Putting his wildly unfair natural ability aside, it sounds like he is just having the best time embracing his new winter hobby. And sounds like he feels right at home in the mountains.

We totally get it, Alvin. Welcome to the best way to spend your off-season. Save some runs for the rest of us, and maybe for Saints fans’ well being, get yourself a helmet!

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