Fast & Loose – Episode 2 with Aaron Blunck


Fast & Loose – Episode 2 with Aaron Blunck

Fast & Loose Ep. 2: Aaron Blunck

First full week of 2021 is in the books, and and so is the 2nd Episode of our new IG Live Series, “Fast & Loose”. Host Adam Jaber, from The Out of Bounds Podcast returns to give you another behind the scenes look at the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team and their athletes.

This week’s guest is Aaron Blunck, of the U.S. Freeski Pro Halfpipe team. The interview was live on our Instagram at 7pm EST on Friday 1/8. But if you missed it, not to worry, The Snow Report has you covered!

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A bit about Aaron

Aaron hails from Crested Butte, Colorado and is in his 7th year on the U.S. Ski Team as a Freestyle Half-pipe skier. He’s a two-time Olympian, X-Games Medalist, and two-time World Champion. And he’s still only 24 years old!

But, here at Fast & Loose we want to know about more than tricks and turns, we want to know who Aaron really is. In this episode, he and Adam discuss his progression from half-pipe into the backcountry. They also touch on the physical and mental impact of injury. Why do he and Torrin Yater-Wallace keep cooking their chicken overly crispy? And what exactly are the Kimbo Sessions? Find out for yourself in the episode!

Enjoy the show!

More to come!

Thanks to our guest Aaron Blunck and host Adam Jaber. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for more episodes of Fast & Loose on IG Live, to see more from the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team and to continue the haircut watch for Adam Jaber.

For the most up to date info, make sure you follow us on Instagram @TheSnowReport, and tell us what you think about our latest episode in our Facebook Group. Stay Fast & Loose everyone!

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