How To Make Mulled and Spiced Wine


How To Make Mulled and Spiced Wine

How To Make Mulled and Spiced Wine

Move over hot-girl summer, warm wine winter is here! The sister to summer’s sangria, is the classic après beverage, mulled wine! This drink can warm the body and the soul after a long day on the slopes, for those of legal drinking age of course. It was originally crafted by the Greeks who warmed and spiced their leftover vino, in a waste-not want-not fashion. Ever the Greek copy-cats, the Romans used it to warm their soldiers on the battlefield and believed the added zest would keep them strong an healthy. So there you have it. Drinking mulled wine is essentially an eco-conscious, and healthy way to unwind after a day on the mountain!

Mulled just means warmed. So pour a glass or two and let’s get mulled up! (photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Mulling Over The Ingredients

The best part about a delicious mulled & spiced wine is that its actually very easy to make, and you only need just a few simple ingredients!

  • Wine – You don’t need to break the bank or raid the wine cellar, but remember you do still have to drink it! Try 2 bottles of Merlot or Zinfandel, they will stand up to the spice and compliment each other well.
  • Citrus – Grab and slice two oranges. Also save some extra peel and zest for color and presentation to go with your vitamin C.
  • Spices – Use whole spices. Not only are they prettier, but easier to strain, so you don’t get too much cinnamon stuck in your chimney on the way down. Speaking of cinnamon, you’ll need two sticks, also 5 star anise, and 10 whole clove.
  • Sugar- Use 3/4 cup of brown sugar. That sweet sticky molasses flavor will give the final product just the right amount of full bodied sweetness.

That is it. Pour in a pot and stir. Briefly bring to a boil just for a second to get the sugar dissolved, then right back down. Down want to burn off all the alcohol! And for you fancy aristocrats looking to take it up a notch and make your mulled & spiced wine a double black diamond… add Brandy! How much will depend on how saucey you want to get on your holiday sauce. Best enjoyed responsibly and with friends! Tis the season!

Fireside in the states or slopeside in Chamonix, mulled wine is always a fine time. (Photo courtesy of Greg Dupree)

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