Four Loko Is Making A Comeback


Four Loko Is Making A Comeback

Because White Claw Needs A Wing Man

Spiked seltzers are taking over the world thanks to their smooth flavors and low calorie count. You’ve got the Truly, Henry’s Hard, Smirnoff Sparkling Spiked Seltzer, Nauti Seltzer and of course… every meme’s favorite can of White Claw.

Four Loko Coming On Strong with 14% ABV

It was only a matter of time before Four Loko, notorious for its highly-concentrated alcohol, came busting back into the the party like the mildly out-of-shape quarterback still rocking a varsity jacket despite graduating 6 years earlier.

In an Instagram post, Four Loko teased its newest drink which they’re calling, “The hardest seltzer in the universe.” And honestly, they’re not entirely wrong. One can has 14% ABV.

For some context, one can of White Claw is 5% alcohol. If you do the math, drinking one Four Loko is equivalent to three White Claws.

The news of the brand’s release has been welcomed with some mixed and hilarious reviews. One person commented, “Brocery list 2.0?” However, some are experiencing PTSD over Four Loko’s old drinks that were dangerously concentrated and caffeinated.

“Four Loko has come back to finish the job it tried to do in college…Kill us…This is 14% alcohol… Brace yourselves.”

But would you expect anything less from Four Loko? They have a reputation to upkeep. And shade to throw. Just about every spiked seltzer on the market has been tagged in the Instgram post’s caption. 🤣

Just remember kids, drinking Four Loko is essentially carbonated Darwinism. Good luck and God speed.

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