Four Après-Everything Outfits That Will Have Guys Looking Their Best This Summer


Four Après-Everything Outfits That Will Have Guys Looking Their Best This Summer

Sadly, ski season has ended. I know Mammoth announced that they will be skiing until August and there is a handful of other resorts still open for skiing and riding but, for the most part, it is over. With the warm weather upon us and summer here it is time to shift our focus away from the winter and on to our favorite summer pastimes. Hiking, biking, golfing or just hanging out on the beach take precedent this time of year, providing ample amounts of entertainment to keep our minds occupied in the absence of winter. Yet despite skiing and snowboarding no longer being a real option, there is no reason the après has to end. You can, and should, après-everything, as long as you’re earning it.

Earning it, however, creates quite a quandary when it comes to your warm weather post activity shenanigans, especially when it comes to fashion. The winter, no problem. Just toss on a flannel and some jeans or rock those snow pants and a tee all night long. However, how do you really look cool at the bar or barbecue when you head there right from the beach or the trails? You need an outfit that says, “I’m on tour.” Not one that screams, “I just finished the Tour de France.” Fortunately for you, many of our favorite outdoor brands like Pearl Izumi and Lululemon realize this and have created specific lines of clothing to take you right from your favorite activity to wherever you plan on hanging out afterward. Spawned from the idea of look good play good, threads like this will have your performance on point before, during and after your activity. Consider all your warm weather après sartorial conundrums solved. These outfits are ready to keep you looking good no matter where your adventure leads you this summer.


Photo Credit: Pearl Izumi

Pearl Izumi Vista Short ($110) and SS Button Up $85

Biking has a similar history to that of skiing and snowboarding when it comes to cracking a few bevvies post ride. However the skin tight suits that look oddly reminiscent of a NASCAR don’t exactly scream, “come hang out with me.” Pearl Izumi’s Bikestyle collection is designed specifically to solve this problem. Both the Vista Short and SS Button Up are stretchy in all the right places and the have added length in the back to cover up the areas that no one wants to see as you bend over to reach the handle bars. Crack kills, you know? This combo also, more than, has you covered beyond your ride and looks equally as good on you when sipping lattes at a local coffee shop or beers when cruising from brewery to brewery.


Photo Credit: Kyle Meyr

Helly Hansen Oya SS Shirt $75 & Vippa Walkshorts 19 $70

Helly Hansen has been known as an innovator in outdoor clothing for close to 150 years. Whether it’s their top-of-the line ski suits that keep you warm and cozy while ripping sick lines in the winter or their incredibly engineered sailing clothes that keep you dry in the deadliest of catch situations, HH has your body covered in the most adverse outdoor conditions. Not to be overlooked in all of these performance accolades is how stylish their clothes are. In particular their new Oya Shirt and Vippa Shorts. Oya is Norwegian for island and the name of a highly popular outdoor music festival in Oslo and its namesake printed shirt is abnormally soft and comfortable. Rock it with the quick-dry Vippa Walkshorts and this good looking outfit will take you from one urban adventure to the next.


Photo Credit: Sand Cloud

Tipsy Elves Brunch Bro Hawaiian Shirt $39.95 & Brunch Bro Bloody Mary Swim Trunks $39.95

Tipsy Elves is known for their over-the-top patterns and bright colors especially when it comes to their one piece ski suits and après-ski sweaters. But, why stop there? Summer deserves a bit of that eccentricity as well. With a host of Hawaiian inspired shirts and some of the funkiest swim trunks on the market Tipsy Elves is helping you continue the trend of conversation starting clothes even when the temps rise. The Bloody Mary set is as spicy as they come. Why? Because the only thing better than drinking a bloody at brunch is drinking one while your duds are covered in them. Cheers!

Après-Golf (The 19th Hole)

Lululemon Tech Pique Polo $98 & Commission Pant $128

Since Ricky Fowler burst onto the scene and made himself the sport’s fashionista, golf has run with the look good, play good mantra. No company has done this better than Lululemon who is thriving in the new athleisure clothing market with clothes designed to take you right from activity to the office and beyond. There is no need to look like some schlep when you hit the links with some clients or friends this summer. Rock the Lululemon’s Tech Pique Polo and Commission Pant combo to the course. This combo will, not only, keep you cool while you make shot after masterful shot out there but also have you looking cool when you finish up with a few Arnold Palmers at the 19th Hole.

All clothing provided by the brands for testing and review purposes.

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