Beyond the Après Ep. 13 – Loose Boots w/Roadhouse Brewing Co.


Beyond the Après Ep. 13 – Loose Boots w/Roadhouse Brewing Co.

Episode 13 of Beyond The Après w/Gavin Fine of Roadhouse Brewing Co.

Coming off the heels of King & Queen of Corbet’s, we’re jumping headfirst into another Wyoming landmark, the Roadhouse Brewing Company. That’s right, this week on Beyond the Après, we welcome our guest Gavin Fine, from Roadhouse Brewing Co. in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! The featured beverage is their Loose Boots, Après IPA. This snow forward seasonal session IPA, packs citrusy notes of lemon, lime and pine and finishes with a big hoppy punch all at only 5% ABV. It’s the perfect beer to pair with après food while loosening your own boots at the end of the day on the mountain!

Beer and Wings go together like ski boots and…taking off ski boots. (pic courtesy of Facebook)

The rest of the episode, Halley and Rich sample more beers and get to know more about Gavin and his life long long goal of being a ski bum. Getting in the way of those goals are his six restaurants and 3 other properties; including a craft ice cream company, a craft sausage brand, and of course the craft beer of Roadhouse Brew Co.! To hear more about all the beers Roadhouse offers and find out what a Genny is, listen to the episode here!

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