7 Beers Every Ski House Needs


7 Beers Every Ski House Needs

Cheers to Beers for all Occasions – 7 Beers to Have In Your Ski House

Beers are a lot like skis. And not just because having two is better than only having one. You need different skis for different occasions. You need to break out the fat skis on a powder day, and maybe some rock skis for those early season and late spring turns.

Much the same, each ski house needs a full quiver of beers to appropriately access variable conditions. Here are our recommendations for 7 beers you need to have in your ski house this season.

The Breakfast Beer – Maple Breakfast Stout – 14th Star Brewery

Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And no one said that it had to be solid food. A breakfast beer is a required staple for every ski house. Whether you need a little liquid courage for the day ahead, or some hair of the yeti to recover from the night before, there’s a beer for that.

Check out the Maple Breakfast Stout (6.5% ABV/25 IBU) from 14th Star Brewery in Vermont. Brewed with real maple syrup and cold brew coffee, wake up to this hearty stout with aromas of dark malts, syrup, and coffee. And you can get the day off on the right foot knowing that the veterans that own and operate 14th Star Brewery give back a portion of proceeds from this beer to help stock local food pantries and help feed the hungry in their local community.

No peak you can’t stare down with the help of a well balanced breakfast…beer. (photo courtesy of 14th Star Brewing Co.)

The Chuggable Chairlift Beer – Dawn Patrol – Aslan Brewing

Packing a little something from home can make those old school double chairs a little more enjoyable. The ski day is a marathon not a sprint, but sometime chairlifts are a race against time before that bar goes back up and it’s time to lift your tips. You need a highly crushable chair beer. Something that goes down smooth and easy, and so tasty you actually want to drink it as fast as possible.

Enter, Dawn Patrol (5.4% ABV/10 IBU) from Aslan Brewing in Bellingham, WA. This beer is as refreshing, just like the cold air on your cheeks on the chair. Notes of pineapple and mango balanced by hops in this Pacific style Ale will have you racing to the bottom of the hill, just to enjoy another on the ride back up.

The Lunch Beer – Lunch IPA – Maine Beer Co.

You made it halfway to après; it’s lunch time! Whether you’re parking lot picnicking or hunkering down on the sundeck over a $20 bread bowl of chili, the time has come to treat your self. Crack open a nice bottle of an IPA from the Maine Beer Co. appropriately just called, “Lunch” (7% ABV/62 IBU) . It’s actually named after a whale off the Maine coast whose fin looks to have taken a little nibble. But just like “Lunch” the whale, you’re going to forget about that little digger you took on the bunny slope this morning in front of all your friends, and keep on swimming. You’re gonna get some food in ya, wash it down with this hazy tropical style IPA. And darn it, you are going to get back out there for at least 2 more runs before you call it a day and head to the bar for good!

The Après Beer – Green State Lager – Zero Gravity Craft Brewery

The post mountain beer choice is important. That’s why we asked a professional; Rich Stoner from All About Après. Rich is a “Certified Après Ski Instructor” and co-host of the “Beyond The Après” podcast, and his choice was none other than the Green State Lager (4.9% ABV/25 IBU) from Zero Gravity Craft Brewery. He said, “It’s crisp, refreshing and has enough bready sweet flavor to keep your taste buds wanting more.” It also pairs well with classic après bites like wings and nachos. And it also happens to have a lower ABV so you can keep the good times rolling into the evening.

The Gamer – PBR and Friends

The skiing is over, but the day is not done. It’s time to let loose with your friends back at the house. But no one wants to play flip cup or beer pong with a double IPA. And no glass in the hot tub! You go to the tried and true lighter lagers this country was founded on. Like our forefathers, dive into quantity over quality and embrace the taste of an ice cold PBR (4.6% ABV/10 IBU) . Or if you prefer, you can try the tried and true cans with mountains than turn blue, or maybe the ‘lite’ king of beers. Regardless what you choose, this is the time for fun. Enjoy the beer activities and the stories of the day. These beers are classics, they’re economical, and depending on how good or bad you are at card games or corn hole, you’ll be happy these are easier to pack away than some heavier, more robust beers out there.

The Fireside Sipper – The Snow RePORTER – Telluride Brewing Co.

What a day! So much skiing, good friends, tasty grub. But now it’s time to relax. A little ‘you’ time. The perfect beer for that? The Snow RePORTER! You guessed it, our signature beer is the perfect pairing for putting your feet up and cozying up by the fire. The Snow RePORTER is an easy drinking American style porter beer that tips the scales at a Blue Square worthy 5.7% ABV/35 IBU. Chris Fish, Brew Master and Co-Founder of Telluride Brewing Company, says this special winter brew “boasts notes of milk and dark chocolate and a slight clean, hop bitterness, while giving way to vanilla and roasty, toasty coffee goodness.” And as a bonus, stack up the cans on the deck if it’s snowing to keep track of how much fresh pow there is in the morning, with built-in pow tracking ruler right on the can.

The Double Black Diamond – El Jefe Dark IPA – Alchemist

Was your day as rough, as the double black diamond run that you tomahawked down, after your friends ditched you? Did you have a full day of yard sales with nothing to show for it? Maybe just sore from being reacquainted with the ground over and over again? We have just what the doctor ordered; El Jefe Dark IPA from Alchemist Brewing. Take one of these and call me in the morning. This American Style Cascadian Dark Ale weighs in at 7% ABV/90 IBU and will numb everything that ales you, so you can wake up and try it all again tomorrow.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer-Holder

Hopefully this offered up some tasty ideas for what to stock your ski cabin with for the winter ahead. But at the end of the day, just like on the mountain, we have our own style and need to go at our own speed. Just find a tasty beverage and share it with friends. Those are the best beers. If you liked hearing about new beers, boy do we have a podcast for you! “Beyond The Après” is back for a second season with Halley and Rich introducing new beers, cocktails, brewers, breweries and more. Tune in on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you fill up your mug with a fresh glass of podcasts!

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