Video: Brown Bear Chases Skier in Romania


Video: Brown Bear Chases Skier in Romania

Bear’y Close Call at Romanian Ski Resort

A brown bear chased a man down the slopes in Romania on Tuesday. See for yourself and take a look at this footage taken at the Predeal Ski Resort.

So Many Questions

There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, did this skier even know this bear was behind him in hot pursuit? What was in his backpack to entice this furry four-legged friend? Why was the filmer downloading the chairlift asking for his Mom the whole time? And of course… WHY WOULDN’T YOU JUST POINT ‘EM AND GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE?

In all seriousness, we remember what it was like to learn to ski, and based on the size of those very tiny (nearly snowblade-esque) skis, we’re thinking this individual is relatively new to the sport. And wow, talk about a high-stakes way to test your newfound pizza and french frying ability.

Screen shot of video, shows bear coming closer to the "skier" from behind
Photo Courtesy of Unofficial Networks

A Furry Tail Ending

In all seriousness, we’re happy to report that neither the bear nor the human were harmed. Though authorities were called to try and relocate the bear, they were unsuccessful. Reports did not state whether or not the man got his backpack back that he threw to shake the bear off his trail. Hoping the bear at least got some snacks out of it, and they can call it even.

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