Sheep Found & Rescued Wearing Over 75lbs of Wool


Sheep Found & Rescued Wearing Over 75lbs of Wool

A Sheep in (a lot of) Sheep’s Clothing

Quarantine haircuts have been a struggle for many of us this year. But, Baarack, the sheep who was just rescued in Australia had a really bad ‘do.

Baarack the sheep wearing too much wool this season

Baraack was found in an Australian forest carrying around over 75 lbs of wool gone wild. SEVENTY FIVE POUNDS OF WOOL.

And you thought Alfie’s brother was overdressed.


For perspective, and because Google somehow knows these things… Baarack’s wool coat weighed as much as:

  • Average Alaskan Malamute Husky Dog
  • 100 cans of Beer
  • 25 average-size ferrets
  • 300 apples
  • 2 1/2 cinder blocks
  • 300 Sticks of Butter
  • 1,200 Parakeets
  • 240 Baseballs

A Shear Miracle

We all need a good winter coat but this little sheep took things too far! Baarack appears to been a previously owned and domesticated sheep that needs annual shearing, but had since escaped to the wild.

It was lucky Baarack was found when he was. His massive fleece coat was putting quite a strain on his body. He was nearly blind from the wool covering his face and eyes, and made it difficult to eat leaving him quite underweight after his haircut.

But luckily, he seems to be recovering well at Edgar’s Mission, an animal sanctuary and rescue center north of Melbourne. He even gotten some viral fame with a Tik Tok of his story!


Meet Baarack – this poor boy arrived yesterday, having been on the run bush land for years! 🐑❤️ ##transformation ##kindness ##farmsanctuary

♬ Hold On – Chord Overstreet

New Wool, Who Dis?

Nothing like a nice haircut and fresh shave to make you feel like a brand new… sheep. Baarack is barely recognizable with his new cut. He looks great and is ready to put his best hoof forward! Must be a wooly huge weight off his shoulders. (Sorry, we had to.)

Baarack still into fashion, and trying on a little lighter coat style. (Photos courtesy of Edgar’s Mission)

For more information on Baarack’s incredible rescue, check out Edgar’s Mission on their website or follow them on Instagram at @edgarsmission. You can see photos and updates on our favorite sheep in sheep’s clothing as well as many other four-legged friends, and learn how to donate to help them keep helping.

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