“Mountain of Hell” Becomes Reality with HUGE Crash


“Mountain of Hell” Becomes Reality with HUGE Crash

700 Bikers On A Glacier? What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

A giant human pileup took place at a race called the “Mountain of Hell?” Cue all of the original, witty one-liners.

We first caught this clip on Instagram and didn’t know what to make of it. Are they skiers? Snowboarders? Nope. What you’re watching is 700 mountain bikers racing down a glacier at Les Deux Alpes ski resort in France. What could possibly go wrong?

During this race, riders are expected to trek across a 15-mile course of snow, ice, rocks, single tracks and sharp curves descending a total of 8,530 feet. And the first one was clearly a doozy, to put it lightly.

Everything was easy breezy until THIS guy came along, all wobbly and unsure, taking out the rest of his counterparts like a kamikaze domino. Thanks, bud.

Everything was easy breezy until THAT guy came along.

The Mountain of Hell winner was Kilian Bron of France, who managed to avoid at least two crashes during his 32-minute ride.

Believe it or not (and thankfully), no injuries were reported according Daily Mail.

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