Kings and Queens of Corbet’s 2021 at Jackson Hole


Kings and Queens of Corbet’s 2021 at Jackson Hole

Kings and Queens of Corbet’s at Jackson Hole

This year’s Kings and Queens of Corbet’s at Jackson Hole went off on Thursday February 18th. In total, 27 competitors sent themselves flying into the abyss hoping to land with the crown.

The fourth ever installment of the event takes place on one of America’s most famous runs, Corbet’s Couloir, at one of its most iconic resorts. The King and Queen of Corbet’s is quickly becoming one of the most famous, if not infamous, annual freeriding events of the year.

Each competitor takes two runs, sending themselves flying into Corbet’s Couloir. The goal is to go big, with style, and try not to get worked. The conditions were prime for just that with plenty of fresh snow and an elite stack of skiers and riders lined up – both men and women. The performances did not disappoint.

Some High Flyin’ Highlights

Friend of the show, and guest of Fast & Loose, Aaron Blunck was the first competitor, who switched things up by dropping switch into the Couloir.

Bozeman native, Jake Hopfinger, returned for his 2nd King & Queens and went absolutely massive.

Last year’s Queen, Veronica Paulsen flipping out over the chance to defend her crown at Jackson Hole.

Skier Alex Hall, sending it into Corbet’s for the first time with some serious style points on that hand drag…

And can’t leave out the snowboarders. Elias Elhardt, with a monster method grab and major hang time.

The Biggest Crown in Town

One of the best aspects of The King and Queen of Corbet’s is how the winners are chosen. Crowns aren’t handed out by the resort or sponsors, but by the athletes themselves! The 27 competitors all get together and watch film of the all the runs, casting votes for who they think is most deserving of the crown. In addition to bragging rights and the crown, winners also take home some sizeable prize purses. This year’s prize money: $10,000 for first place, $5,000 for second place, and $3,000 for third place.

Who took home the crown, the cash, and the bragging rights?

Meet your new King and Queen of Corbet’s, Karl Fostvedt and Madison Blackley! Congratulations to both of you, and to the entire group of fearless athletes that participated in this year’s royal festivities.

To see Karl and Madison’s complete winning runs, along with all the flips, falls, big airs and yard sales, go check out the full event on RedBull TV and on streaming now.

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