Death Diving Will Redefine Belly Flops Forever


Death Diving Will Redefine Belly Flops Forever

Death Diving: High Diving’s Drunk Cousin

The Death Diving World Championships took place in Norway over the weekend and left a bunch of bodies wet, battered and bruised for everyone else’s general amusement.

Apparently, Death Diving is a popular past time in Norway and those competing have a lot of parameters to satisfy in to score big off of the 10-meter high dive.

Judging criteria includes diver running speed off of the tower, height and strength of the leap, acrobatics and difficulty, pose style, maintaining the pose as long as possible before hitting the water, touchdown style, and most importantly, the height of their splash.

And because this is high diving’s drunk cousin, the higher the better. Who knew there would be so many rules for something so unruly?

The winner of this year’s Death Diving World Championships is none other than Kim Andre Knutsen. He’s said to be celebrating his accomplishment in a full body cast. Just kidding. He’s probably just a little sore.

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